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Apr 25, 2024

An investor with 30 properties in his portfolio reveals the guiding principle of his long-term investment strategy.

On this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, host Grace Ormsby welcomes Bharat Patel back to the show to provide an update since he last shared his strategy for buying 22 properties in just two years.

Bharat has continued to expand his portfolio, but the tactics he’s using and his plans for the future have changed. He explains why development has become an increasingly interesting prospect for where he is in his investment journey.

The investor also lays out his thoughts on weighing the need to have cash on hand with the long-term benefits of making wise investment decisions.

The duo talk about how property investing can benefit from a partnership, such as what Bharat has experienced with his wife’s support, and delve into the opportunities that exist in this current market.

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